For detailed instructions on how to access parcel information, click here.

For help on how to access information about properties, click here.

Operational Layers are all of the layers above the Basemap layer(s). The Layer List Widget shows the Operational Layers that are available on the map and allows you to turn them on or off. Expanding a layer shows its symbology on the map. The mini-menu (at the right edge of the widget) lets you zoom to a layer, adjust its transparency, move the layer up or down the list, and link to its description.
The Legend Widget shows the symbology of the operational layers that are visible.
Select the Area, Distance, or Location tool from the Measure Widget. Draw a polygon, line, or point on the map. The resulting area, length, or coordinates will be shown on the widget. You can change the area units, length units, and coordinate system on the widget.
The Print Widget will create a print ready document in one of the following formats. The document will appear in a new tab or a new window, depending on your browser and its settings.

You can choose from the following file types for your print map:
  • PDF
  • JPG
  • PNG8
  • PNG32
  • GIF
  • EPS
  • SVG
  • SVGZ
The print ready document can be formatted and scaled to the following layouts:
  • A4 Landscape
  • A4 Portrait
  • A3 Landscape
  • A3 Portrait
  • Map Only (no title block or border)
Advanced Options
The print scale can be adjusted to either preserve the current scale or the current map extent. A desired scale can also be forced by entering any scale value in the box.

The Author, Copyright and Legend options are located here to adjust before generating a print map

The Map Only size can be adjusted by setting a pixel height and width in the advanced options

The Print quality (dots per inch, or DPI) can also be set in the Advanced dropdown. As the resolution increases, the time required to generate the map and the size of the map file also increases.

Click Clear Prints to clear the print history.
The Draw Widget allows you to draw graphics onto the map with a range of shapes and colours. Select the options you wish to apply within the Draw Widget box before you begin drawing.


  • Outline colour
  • Outline Width
  • Fill colour
  • Symbol Size
  • Transparency
  • Show Measurements
  • Distance Units

To remove all drawn features, click “Clear” on the Draw tool.
The Search Widget allows you to search for a variety of different layers contained within the viewer.

Serach By Attribute
First, select a layer to search for features in from the following options:

  • Land Parcels
  • Assessment
  • Certificate of Title
  • Reticulation

Next select what attribute you are searching for, such as “Asset ID”.
Now enter the feature's value and client search to find on the map.

Search By Shape
Select a layer you wish to search for features within from the same options as above.
Next select the shape you wish to search for features using. You can optionally add a search tolerance when using point features, and create a buffer to find what else is located within a desired area.

Search By Spatial You can search for features located near existing search results using this method.
Choose a search distance and the layer to find features which are contained within, or intersect your results.

Click the results tab to see the features returned from any of your searches.
Supported browsers
Chrome, Firefox, Safari 3+, Internet Explorer 8+
*on supported browsers. Some downtime can be expected for maintenance.